We Win at Varteg!
November 23, 2013

vartegThe Abersychan ward councillors are delighted that the minister Carl Sargent has agreed with the council and refused the planning application at Varteg for the reclamation and coal recovery.

The TCBC rejected the application by Galmorgan Power to opencast 350,000 in 2011. The coal company appealed to the Welsh Government, who after a drawn out process have also rejected the mine. Local people are delighted at the result.

The grounds for the rejection were that the local population live within 50m or the site and Ysgol Bryn Onnen, a local nursery to Primary age Welsh School with 200+ pupils, lies within 120m of the boundary. The council said the application was not acceptable on grounds of noise, dust and light pollution. The Welsh Government’s guidelines, MTAN 2, recommend against opencasting within 500m of homes and schools. It is good news for others in Wales that the precedent has been set of respecting the 500m buffer zone.

Well done to all those who have campaigned against this site over several years.